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Phillip Phillip’s new single¬†Fly

Ugh, I love this song. It’s got that rock edge that I was hoping he’d bring to this album.¬†

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the best pun I've ever had

  • my aunt: you're lucky you have all this fresh fruit. When I was a kid, we had canned cranberry jelly instead of real cranberries.
  • me: blech, I'd rather go cold turkey

Family Tree | Kings of Leon

damn this song is groovy

American Idol XIII Double Feature: Crazy (Top) Eights

My review of the Top 8.1 & 8.2 shows complete with polls to vote in :)

"I Want To Break Free" - Queen (covered by Adam Donaldson)

I’m kind of obsessed with this dude’s cover of this song.

my plight

  • Noelle: i did all of my dishes because i wanted to go to longos and buy food and cook
  • Noelle: but er i lost the motivation as of five seconds ago
  • Me: but ice cream
  • Noelle: i knoww. and i really wanted chicken.
  • Me: my aunt is making roasted chicken for dinner. probably to soften to blow of them going to jamaica
  • Noelle: is it working?
  • Me: no. I will dip the chicken in the steaming hot gravy of my rage
  • Me: although forgiveness may come in the form of garlic mashed potatoes

American Idol XIII - Top 9 Band Together

My review of the Top 9 show feat. polls to vote for you favourites

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